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ResponseCard LT

ResponseCard LT is the latest cost-effective clicker. LT utilizes the same, reliable radio frequency technology as standard clickers, but has been reengineered to incorporate cost reductions that ensure reliability of response transmission in a durable, compact case.

Optimized for any size presentation environment, ResponseCard LT operates on patented two-way RF technology. An LED light on the clicker indicates that responses have been received. ResponseCard LT features a simple, five button input to facilitate easy participant responding. Its compact size makes LT easy to transport and equip in any environment.

Size & Weight - Height: 2.9 inches (74 mm)
- Width: 1.8 inches (45 mm)
- Depth: 0.28 inches (7 mm)
- Weight: 0.7 ounce (19.8 grams)*
Range - 200' radius (400' coverage)
Input Capability - 6 keys (1/A - 5/E, Ch)
- Programmable with ResponseCard Programmer
Battery and Power - 1 coin cell CR2032
User Identification - Select a channel less than five seconds, indicationg session choice.
- Select a channel anytime - even when a session is underway.
- Channel selection is preserved until changed by participant
Display - LCD Light. Participants receive answer confirmation on ResponseCard through two-way communication. Successful transmissions are acknowledged on the participant's keypad via three second greeen light
RF Technology - 25 channels
- Fully FCC, CE and industry Canada certified
- Will not interfere with other technologies
- Not limited to line-of-sight transmission
- Ability to prohibit audience from channel changing
Receiver Compatibility - RF+ Receiver (RRRF-03)
- RF Receiver (RRRF-04)